Software defined radio mesh network for active network management [Active SDR-MESH]

Short overview of a university project from some time ago.

The idea was to be able to measure the signal at various points, correlate with data from the GPS receiver and display the signal level; for a specific spectrum at a current location.

Some words on the Software Defined Radios – relatively new type of architecture. They allow unmatched flexibility when receiving signals in extremely wide radio frequency spectrum. Among the other positive aspects are compact dimensions, high quality of the received signal, possibilities for further processing of the signal (its demodulation, etc.)

Realtek rtl2832u SDR

Hardware components:

  • Software defined Radio – RTL 2832
  • Workstation & Local Server – Laptop Acer Aspire
  • GPS Receiver – Holux 215+


The software architecture of the tool was as follows:

  • OS: Windows 8.1, 64 bit
  • Web Server: WAMP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Applications: MySQL Workbench & NetBeans
  • Libraries and interpreters: Jet Brains, Nimpy, YOI library, Pure CSSm wxPython, matpotlib

The end result, allowed to get the following samples of information:

Network test for frequency 724.25 Mhz [used in Bulgaria for Digital Television Broadcasting]
FM Radio band