Software defined radio mesh network for active network management [Active SDR-MESH]

Short overview of a university project from some time ago.

The idea was to be able to measure the signal at various points, correlate with data from the GPS receiver and display the signal level; for a specific spectrum at a current location.

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Connecting to Azure via local PowerShell [Windows 10]

So to make life more interesting we will try to manage our Azure resources via PowerShell, running on our local workstation with Windows 10 Pro.

Before going to the details, its nice ot have updated help, which is done by typing:

To connect to Azure, there are some basics steps, before typing

There are some modulels that need to be installed and in order to do so, the appropriate policy should be set on your local instance:

After that, some modules must be installed

Wait some time, after which you could import the modules:

After that, connecting to Azure is as simple as typing:

Then you will be prompted to enter your Azure credentials on a form like this:

And in the end you should get something looking like this displayed on your PowerShell CLI:

You can also test by typing:

Which will dislplay all resouces, available within the current env.