Adding missing repositories for Debian

So, after installing Debian, if there is no network connection during installation, only the repositories available on the ISO will be added to the sources list. Hence, installing via simple apt command won’t be available.

Fortunately, the fix is quite straight forward and simple and it takes ~30 seconds :):

  1. Open terminal:

  1. Add the following lines:

  1. Run the update

  1. test with installing htop

  1. enjoy the easy life with linux :).


Connectivity overview for the lab

After some time spent installing, configuring, reading and rebooting, the lab is going quite well. Also, it might look like there are too many tools or too many solutions with overlapping capabilities, but its all in the name of lab testing :).


On the bellow diagram,  you could find the connectivity overview of the lab – inculind the on-premise secion and the two public clouds that will be integrated.

In future posts, there will be more info how to configure some of the components, for example the virtual router of MicroTik and so on.

Enable ping on windows 7/ Windows Firewall

By default, the pre-built windows firewall blocks ping requests. But ping being usually useful command, its convenient to be enabled, when working in a trusted environment.


To enable ping in Windows firewall:

  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Search for Windows Firewall
  3. Select Advanced Settings on the left
  4. Click Inbound Rules
  5. Find the rule, named: File and Printer sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4)
  6. Right click on the rules and select “Enable”

Another option is to enable ping via GPO